Disc, Drink, Dance at Desaru Sand It 2017

Dope music (playlist here), amazing people, crazy party sessions, jersey trading nights and delicious food summarised last week’s Desaru’s first ever Frisbee Beach Tournament – Desaru Sand It.

There were 20 teams, totalling to 267 players across 10 different countries, showed up to flex their party and frisbee skills at the Lotus Desaru Resort and Spa on Sep 8 – 10.

Beach Tournaments have became more popular in the recent years, with Boracay Open being the most popular beach tournament in the Asia Region. Being hosted with the same weekend as the Hong Kong Beach Hat, Desaru Sand It was held to cater to players from the South East Asian region. One of this tournament’s unique attraction was housing all players in the same resort which allowed everyone to mingle across teams 24/7, partying from day 1 – day 3.

One of the commendable rule of the tournament loved by the players was the strict 2:2 ratio of Male and Female players. The tournament directors, Wei Wen and Wei Li, wanted to present a unique opportunity to support gender equality in a way not found in the regular 7 a side or 5 a side games and created an even playing field for both men and women.

Another unique format for the gameplay was the double point score ruling whenever a point is scored from endzone to endzone. This meant that anyone could make a comeback at anytime throughout the 40 minute game.

The final match between Pancake (Philippines) and Sepanx (mixed of South East Asia players) was a very tight one. The double point score ruling allowed Pancake to make a come back from trailing 3 points behind to win the tournament 15-13. (You can catch the recorded finals by Pancake here).

Superfly came in 3rd after beating Durian Jali Deep, while the spirit award was tied between Kuji Kuji and Two Hand Pancake. The male and female MVP awards went to Matthew Pan and Christina Hunter respectively.

Putting Fun First and Winning Second

Many players took this tournament as an opportunity to break away from their usual club teams and form unique theme related teams. You could tell players were putting spirit and fun as a higher priority than winning this tournament when there were hilarious team names like Ms Ng’s PE Class, Muscular Nelson’s Team, United Pigdom and 6 food related team names.

Muscular Nelson’s Team

Muscular Nelson’s Team were formed with players from Singapore, Bangkok and Malaysia (who met at Chiang Mai Hat), to have lots of fun with all the players and “winning” the party. “We made sure to have a spirit game with our opponents just to inject some fun and make some new friends!” said Julia Low from the team.

United Pigdom

Amanda Quah from United Pigdom shared “Majority of us studied in the UK together and played against each other during all the Malaysian games there. We thought it would be fun to combine forces and play on the same team this time and that was how the team was formed. The reason for our name is because we eat like pigs and we met in UK so together, it’s United Pigdom.”

As for the party, the organisers, Badgers Ultimate, made sure there were endless beer throughout the party (yup free flow beer!). They also had a contest named “Beawatch”, where participants were required to act out scenes from the Baywatch series to win. Marc Pop, from Durian Jali Deep, won the contest and stole the show with his sick moves on the dance floor.

^Marc Pop. This image is so meme material

With free flow beer during the party, day 2 was very much a test on who could pull their “I beat the hangover effect” A-game to the beach. “One of our teammates, Jocelyn (who was still hungover from the night before), did a layout D and then continue to stall her opponent who was without the disc. She then only realised it after stall 5!” shared Julia Low from Muscular Nelson’s Team.

Hard Work Paid Off

Both the Tournament Directors were very grateful that everything went smoothly in accommodating players on and off the beach from the moment they checked into till they checked out. “Our organising team worked really hard around the clock to give everyone a good time. Lots of credit goes to them for being the last men standing after the party, but first ones out of bed” shared Wei Li.

“We also would like to give a shoutout to the amazing staff at Lotus Desaru who were right there with us from the planning stages till the end of day 3. They made all the difference.” expressed Wei Wen.

Be sure to catch next year’s Desaru Sand It. With free flow beer during the party, 3 days of buffet and awesome party organised at a nice resort, your money will definitely be very well spent. Oh and if you plan to come next year, try topping this

photo credits to 175g ultimate

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Meet the 4 Malaysian Teams Competing at the 2017 Ultimate Frisbee Asia Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Club Championships (AOUGCC)

August 18 – 20 marks a big milestone for the Malaysian Ultimate Frisbee scene, with the highest number of Malaysian teams participating at this year’s AOUGCC in Manila.

This biennial premiere continental championship event sets a stage for national teams to compete and gain exposure from teams around Asia. These 4 Malaysian teams have trained very hard for the past couple of months, with some players citing that they have spent all their weekends gearing up for this big regional tournament.

Badgers, Islanders and Rojaks, who won the top 3 spots at the Malaysian Mixed Nationals earlier in May, will be participating in the mixed division; while Carebears will be playing in both the Men and Women division. These 4 teams have started out more 5 years and where they have came to be today has been one heck of a journey.

We managed to catch up with the captains and hear from their experience preparing for this big event.

“We were very pump when we managed to scored a spot in AOUGCC as it is our primary goal this year to participate in a high level international tournament as a team. Most of the players are making extra time out of their busy daily schedule to work on physical fitness” said Carson Heng, captain of Badgers.

“The main difference in our training regime leading up to the tournament is to increase our fitness training which includes more metabolic conditioning as well as strength. We are grateful that our team member Prince Hew was able to setup all the intense sessions and guiding everyone through them.” shared Jason Chiew, captain of Carebears.

Cyrus Lim, captain of Islanders also added that “In addition to the training sessions, some of our players also have strict diets individually, by keeping a high protein, low fat intake of our meals.”

Samuel Ng, captain of Rojaks commended his players throughout these several months. “Through all these gym training sessions, the past months of intense preparation has definitely brought the team closer. Despite the players’ busy schedules, I’m really happy to see them being able to balance their time with personal affairs and our training sessions.”

Badgers, Selangor

Goals to achieve: Obtain as much international exposure as possible with the given opportunity. Oh and also to have fun at the party!

Mindset going into the tournament: Regardless of the level, we are going in with a goal to be achieved. We want to aim to perform our best on field AND during party as well!

The playing style and strength of the team: We try to improvise on the field whenever necessary. We are always open as a team, and is willing to listen to each other regardless of position. We would consider our bonds and chemistry to be one of our proudest strengths.

Carebears, Selangor

Goals to achieve: The main goal is probably to upseed our initial ranking but i think the bigger picture is to gain invaluable exposure and experience playing against some of the top players from around the region.

Mindset going into the tournament: Always trust ourselves and our teammate and not get intimidated by the other teams.

The playing style and strength of the team: Possession, possession and more possession. Staying calm and keeping the disc moving is our main focus. Players in this team understands the strength and weaknesses of each other and that helps with the overall chemistry.

Islanders, Penang

Goals to achieve: To play our best for every point in every game, whilst maintaining a high spirit of the game. Whether we are winning or losing, we want to play point by point and focus on playing our own system.

Mindset going into the tournament: Believing that the sky is the limit, knowing that we can always be better than we were before. It is also important for the team to be focused and work together on its goals, to train as athletes in and out of the field.

The playing style and strength of the team: We don’t have one specific playing style, but we have several plays in our books. Our composure and sticking to our system would help us through the weekend. Our strength would probably be our experienced and reliable handlers and also the high work rate shown by our cutters

Rojaks, Selangor

Goals to achieve: Apart from wanting to win as many matches as possible, we want to also do great plays and put a name for ourselves, Rojaks, in the region.

Mindset going into the tournament: We want to go in every game with knowing that there is nothing to lose for us. We must also uphold our team value, self-awareness, trust and discipline.

The playing style and strength of the team: We are a cutter dominant team. Quick movement between cutters allow us to move progressively downfield. We have a set of principles that compliment our set plays to follow instead of strategies.

We wish you all the best of luck in the event. It has indeed been good to see the Malaysian Ultimate Frisbee scene growing till where it is today.

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This year’s tournament is held at the Alabang Country Club in Manila, which is also the same venue as the AOUCC 2009, where Link (Japan) and Bebots (Philippines) won the open and women division.

Here’s the list of all teams participating in this event. The schedule of the event can be found in this link here.

Ultimate – Mixed Division:

  • #LGW (Korea)
  • Airborne (India)
  • Alpha (Philippines)
  • Aotearoa (New Zealand)
  • Badgers (Malaysia)
  • Blue Bottles (Australia)
  • Boracay Pirates (Philippines)
  • Cafe de Luida (Japan)
  • Cambodia Ultimate (Cambodia)
  • CGY Ninjas (Philippines)
  • Chuckies (Singapore)
  • CUUP (China)
  • Double T (Hong Kong)
  • Freakshow (Singapore)
  • Garudas (Indonesia)
  • IKU (Japan)
  • Islanders (Malaysia)
  • Mulatto (Philippines)
  • Osaka Natto (Japan)
  • Paradigm (Australia)
  • Rascals (Singapore)
  • Rojaks (Malaysia)
  • SP (Philippines)
  • Sublime (Australia)
  • Supernova (Taiwan)
  • Team Thailand (Thailand)
  • Vanguard (Australia)
  • Whisby Nation (Taiwan)

Ultimate – Men’s Division:

  • Airbenders (India)
  • Bagani (Philippines)
  • Boys Weekend (Hong Kong)
  • Carebears (Malaysia)
  • Colony Ultimate (Australia)
  • Crackerjack Clutch (Singapore)
  • Crackerjack Crush (Singapore)
  • CUUP X (China)
  • CUUP Y (China)
  • Goannas (Australia)
  • Gorilla Strong (Japan)
  • Hao Cool (Taiwan)
  • Karne Norte (Philippines)
  • Melbourne Hot Chilly (Australia)
  • Melbourne Juggernaut (Australia)
  • Nomadic Tribe (Japan)
  • Osaka Spirits (Japan)
  • Ouch (Singapore)
  • Pancake (Philippines)
  • Ultimaholix-MIT (Taiwan)
  • Vicious (Philippines)
  • Young Blood (Philippines)

Ultimate – Women’s Division:

  • Bad Blood (Philippines)
  • Bauhaus (Australia)
  • Black Kites (Hong Kong)
  • Carebears (Malaysian)
  • CUUP (China)
  • Demigodess (Taiwan)
  • Havoc Mayhem (Singapore)
  • Havoc Rampage (Singapore)
  • Huck (Japan)
  • KAOS (Australia)
  • Vicious Girls (Philippines)


  • Jaeger (Japan)
  • Mangrove Crab (Taiwan)
  • Taoyuan 3 of Clubs (Taiwan)
  • Warriors (Japan)


Ultimate Players Bonded at Nottingham Tri Campus Games 2017

Each year the Tri Campus Games (TCG) brings together students from the three University of Nottingham campuses (UK, China and Malaysia) to compete against each other in a week long festival of sport. A total of almost 200 athletes from all 3 campuses participated in this year’s TCG in Ningbo, held between 10th – 16th June.

Ultimate Frisbee was shortlisted as one of the 8 sports being played in TCG since the first TCG was held. All 3 campuses had almost 10 years of Ultimate Frisbee Club history (UK – UONU, China – UFO and Malaysia – Oops) and the players are always looking forward to the Tri Campus Games every summer. Those who had the opportunity to experience TCG in the past always said that they were able to walk away with great memories, in what they summarised the experience as a moment of building awesome friendship through sports.

This year’s TCG was held in the Ningbo campus. Each team would have to play 4 90 minutes 5v5 matches and they ranked based on the number of wins first and then scored differences. The first 2 days were raining heavily which gave the China and Malaysia team a slight advantage in their opening matches, but the UONU team managed to keep the pressure on the 2 teams. After a good hustle of 6 matches, UFO emerged as champions, Oops came in second while UONU finished third. All 3 teams agreed that all of them are at a similar level in terms of strength and didn’t give up till the very end.


Each team were also very happy that all players were keeping their spirits high both on and off the field throughout the week. The teams bonded quickly when the UFO players played a great host, showing Oops and UONU players around Ningbo to try several local food joints like “蚝翅” to eat seafoods and chicken wings as well as “缸鸭狗” to try the glutinous rice balls. “We get to learn a lot of the local culture and parts of China’s history thanks to UFO players”, said by both Oops and UONU players.

“Something we definitely won’t forget about the trip is watching the UONU players trying out pig brain, duck feet and spicy hotpot. Watching Joe from UONU giving his best and muster his courage to try the spicy hot pot was funny”, said players from UFO, China. “We also had a great time showing them around the beautiful West Lake and the local street markets in Hangzhou.”

Their last night together ended up with a fun karaoke session where all teams played Chinese drinking games and sang their heart out. “One of the awesome moment in the Karaoke was seeing Emma, Lauren and Emily dancing off to Beyonce’s Single Ladies song in the room”, shared Zhi Yi from Oops, Malaysia.

There were many highlights throughout that one week of bonding, and most of them agreed that the best moments came down to the jersey trading as everyone walked away with great memorabilia.

“This really gave a sense of how close we had become over the course of the trip as everyone was so eager to get pieces of their friends’ jersey stash” said Dan Roth from UONU, UK.

“I was really happy when I noticed that only the frisbee teams from different countries were sitting together during the Tri Campus Games’ closing ceremony. We all cheered very loud for each other during the prize giving session. That was a showcase how Ultimate Frisbee’s strong emphasis on the Spirit of the Game can bring together strangers to become close friends in just a week and that is one of the reasons why I love Ultimate”, expressed by Cen Xi from Oops, Malaysia.

Team Roster
Dan RothLokiIvan Leem
Emily HollandNanJack Hii (C)
Emma BezantQinny (C)Lew Zhi Yi
Joe GatesSeafoodLim Siew Quen
Joel MillerSoupToh Cen Xi
Lauren Mounteney (C)XinVenisa Goh