4.3°N Clinch 1st Place at the Nottingham University Battle Royale

pic credit: Tan Lai Guan

The Ultimate Frisbee Club of the university of Nottingham Malaysia campus hosted their first Battle Royale Ultimate Open specifically for the college and university teams. Apart from their usual Nottingham Ultimate Open, they decided to play an extra role to host this tournament to develop the tertiary teams in the region.

“We want to create a platform for all university teams to showcase their skills and talent as well as giving them equal chances to win. University teams are usually left out of public Open tournaments, so we want to take this step to host a tournament where university and college team can train and look forward to annually,” said Zi Hen, the president (2017-2018) of Nottingham Ultimate Frisbee Club.

Earlier in September, there was also the first Malaysian University Ultimate Championship tournament hosted to promote Ultimate Frisbee on a national level which saw 18 teams around the country came to compete against each other on a national level.

These are great signs that players are taking their own initiative to grow themselves even at a younger age. The Ultimate Frisbee scene in the tertiary level has grown a lot in the past 5 years with players becoming more competitive.

pic credit: Tan Lai Guan

4.3N (from UTAR Kampar) beat Lycans (from UiTM Shah Alam) 16-4 in the finals to clinch their gold medal. Stingrays (from Inti Nilai) got 3rd place after beating the home ground team, Oops (Nottingham).

2 new kids on the block,  Monsoon Ultimate (from USM Kubang Kerian, Kelantan) and Sakura Mitec (from UniKL Mitec) also expressed themselves having lots fun in their first university level tournament.

Zi Hen also said that they would like to host it again next year as teams were really happy with the tournament. “With one of the best fields we have in the city, we want to try to make it a bigger one next year. We also would like to thank our volunteers, photographers and also our sponsors Trio for sponsoring shorts for the players. ”

For Overall Male MVP – Mohamad Afiq Bin Mahat (Lycans)
For Overall Female MVP – Sarah Christine Russek (Rocking Raccoon)
For Pool A Final Male MVP – Lim Tze Chin (4.3 N)
For Pool A Final Female MVP – Dorcas Yong (4.3 N)

The final standings of the tournament

  1. 4.3°N (Utar Kampar)
  2. Lycans (UiTM Shah Alam)
  3. Stingray (INTI International University)
  4. Oops (University of Nottingham Malaysia)
  5. Stomp (Utar Sg. Long)
  6. Hurricanes (UCSI University)
  7. Killabee (UiTM Pahang)
  8. Rocking Raccoon (Universiti Teknologi Petronas)
  9. Sakura Mitec (UniKL Mitec)
  10. Rx (Melaka Manipal Medical College)
  11. Monsoon Ultimate (USM Kubang Kerian, Kelantan)
  12. M-Onz (MCKL)