ARIA Discs

RM 48 per piece, with free shipping.
Whatsapp – +6012 510 2701 (Wee)

Product Description
The ARIA disc is 175 grams and approved for the highest level of championship play by both USA Ultimate and the World Flying Disc Federation. It is designed to feel and fly similarly to what most ultimate players are familiar with. Several traits of the ARIA Disc include

  • ARIA Discs are more consistent over a wide range of temperatures. The plastic is specifically engineered to maintain its flex in cold temperatures and to retain its shape in hot temperatures.
  • ARIA Discs have an average malleability at an average temperature that allows for a comfortable catch.
  • Using their science caps, ARIA Discs has made its discs to a durability level that maximizes the amount of time a disc can live in an optimum playing condition.For more details on ARIA’s materials science, click here.

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