UltiAsia was started in 2011 to share the stories on the growth of Ultimate that was happening throughout Asia. Besides playing Ultimate, I have a passion for writing, so I thought why not combine both passion to start a site.

Sadly, I was occupied by another business of mine (a burger joint – myBurgerLab) in 2012 and have put the site on hold for the past few years. The site was also attacked in 2017 and all the content had to be removed and I had to start anew.

Now in 2018, I hope to find time to cover more stories in the region. This site is fully self funded, mainly through the years of selling Discraft in Malaysia. If there are any other writers who would like to contribute to the site with stories of various Ultimate communities, do hit me up on our Contact page or our Facebook page.

Also, if there’s any community out there would like your story to be feature, let me know through the Contact pageĀ or our Facebook page.